A glimpse into the future of Oncology Education: Redefining Digital Posters in collaboration with Assisted Intelligence Wellness and Cancer Center Informatics Society

Prepare to witness a groundbreaking advancement in audience engagement at the 2024 Summit & Clinical Trials Workshop, as Assisted Intelligence Wellness (AIW) partners with The Cancer Center Informatics Society (CI4CC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing Precision Medicine, Clinical Trials, Data Science, Translational Informatics, and more for cancer centers worldwide

Why Choose Ai Wellness for Your Digital Posters?

1. Immersive Engagement: Immerse your audience in a world of interactive exploration with AI Wellness Mirror technology. From touch-responsive displays to voice-command functionality, our digital posters offer an unparalleled level of engagement and interactivity.

2. Personalized Presentations: Elevate your messaging with Digital Twin technology, delivering personalized presentations tailored to each viewer's unique preferences and interests. Watch as your audience becomes captivated by bespoke content designed to resonate on a deeply individual level.

3. Dynamic Content Creation: Ignite curiosity and spark conversation with dynamic content that goes beyond static imagery. From captivating videos to animated graphics and interactive infographics, AI Wellness empowers you to create digital posters that truly stand out in any setting.

4. Seamless Connectivity: Stay seamlessly connected with your audience both onsite and online with AI Wellness Connect NFC technology. Harness the power of instant access to digital content, personalized offers, and social media sharing to extend your reach and impact.

5. ScienceCast Integration: Deepen your audience's understanding and appreciation of your message with ScienceCast integration. Deliver captivating scientific content that educates, inspires, and enriches the viewer experience, driving home the significance of your message with precision and clarity.

Experience the Future of Scientific Digital Posters

Step into a world of innovation at the 2024 Summit & Clinical Trials Workshop and discover firsthand the transformative potential of digital posters. Redefine audience engagement and leave a lasting impression that resonates long after the event concludes.

Explore how AI Wellness can revolutionize your digital poster strategy.

Showcase your research and insights with a digital poster powered by Ai Wellness technology.

Elevate your presentation with a personalized Digital Twin setup. Schedule your session now to ensure a seamless experience at the event.

Supporting "The Digital Twins in Oncology Education" Initiative

Join us in supporting the initiative to redefine scientific digital posters and empower the next generation of innovators. A portion of the proceeds from your poster creation goes to Cancer Center Informatics Society (CI4CC), supporting its mission to advance cancer research and treatment globally.

Investing in Tomorrow's Health Tech Leaders:

For Every Poster You'll be Sponsoring a Student to go through training with Silicon Valley HQ

Empower the next generation of innovators and shape the future of education. Your Poster purchase supports:

  • 1 Year Access to Silicon Valley HQ Platform: Personalized access to workshops, industry insights, and career resources.

  • Interactive Skill-Building Workshops: In-demand skills, including AI tools, cybersecurity essentials, and innovative thinking strategies.

  • Expert Mentorship: One-on-one guidance and career advice from industry veterans.

  • Internship & Job Opportunities: Real-world experience through local and remote placements.

Empower the next generation of innovators and shape the
future of education. Your Poster purchase supports:


  • Proven Track Record: Over 10 years of experience mentoring
    thousands of entrepreneurs and students.

  • Global Network: Connects students with experts and
    opportunities worldwide.

  • Technology Hub Immersion: Tap into the vibrant Silicon
    Valley scene.


Each poster, bundled with a Digital Twin setup, is priced at $1000. This investment ensures unparalleled audience engagement and personalized messaging, maximizing the impact of your presentation.


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